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A Swank Affair

Published in Us Weekly, December 10, 2001

IT WAS ALL RELATIVE FOR Hilary Swank as she debuted her new movie, The Affair of the Necklace, in Century City, California, on November 20. The actor spent the evening surrounded by family members, including her father, national guardsman Stephen Swank, husband Chad Lowe, brother-in-law Rob Lowe and mother-in-law Barbara Wilson. The film is set in eighteenth-
century France, and at the premiere, cast members shared their less-than-
fond memories of the period costumes: Guardian star Simon Baker confessed that he wore a garter belt to keep his silk stockings from sagging, while Swank got a lift from a corset. "My breasts have been pushed up and pushed down [for her Oscar-winning role in 1999's Boys Don't Cry]," she said. "What's next? Pushed sideways? I'd like to do a romantic comedy where I can just wear a T-shirt." — SHARON KNOLLE

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