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Over 40 and ... Naked!

Hubba Hubba Hannah

Published in Us Weekly, November 24, 2003

Daryl Hannah's latest splash? At age 42, the Kill Bill star proved she still has her Splash-worthy body when she took it all off for the November Playboy. "She looked amazing," her photographer, Tony Duran, tells Us. "she has no inhibitions about her body." But the actress — who tells Us she's "not pleased" with Playboy's choice of photos — believes nudity is trickier for women than men: "They don't have as many bits and pieces to show."

Caption: "I have gone nude in a film if [the scene] doesn't seem gratuitous," Hannah (here in Playboy) tells Us. "I won't do it to sell sex to 15-year-old boys."

Reporting by Sharon Knolle