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Love Lives

Christian Gives Ryan A Diamond G-string?!

Published in Us Weekly, September 29, 2003

Admittedly angling to appear in Us, at a recent Beverly Hills bash, Christian Slater joked that he bought wife Ryan Haddon "a million-dollar G-string. I just want to be quoted in the magazine!" "I wear it quite frequently," chimed in the Mrs., "although it does catch on my dresses. I save it for the bedroom!" Except for the occasional snag, Haddon, 32, has few complaints about Slater, 34. "My husband is very, very generous," she adds. The pair, married for more than three years, have two adorable offspring, Jaden, 4, and Eliana, 2. "We like to mark special occasions with special things because I believe you pass them on to your children," explains Haddon. "Every piece of jewelry I have is from a certain event, like the birth of our daughter. So when they get a little bit older, I can pass it on and say, 'That's from when you were born, sweetie!'"

Reporting by Sharon Knolle