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Armani's A-list

Published in Us Weekly, September 29, 2003

Hollywood rolled out a black carpet September 9 to give Giorgio Armani — Hollywood's go-to man for head-turning elegance — the first star on the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style. Devotees Jodie Foster, Debra Messing and Michelle Pfeiffer stuck to the "all-black" dress code. "Armani personally fitted me for the [1991] Oscars," said Foster. "We spoke in French and laughed at his attempt to bind my breasts with what seemed like Ace bandages." Harrison Ford, meanwhile, spoke for the guys. "If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as Armani — cuter, richer, more successful!"

Captions (clockwise from top):

"I'll look as good as Giorgio when I'm 70," boasted DEMI MOORE (with Armani and ASHTON KUTCHER) at Kutcher's Dolce restaurant in L.A.

The Gorgeous Ladies Who Love Giorgio!
"I really don't wear anything but Armani and Nike," revealed Foster, while Armani newbies JESSICA SIMPSON (whose gown was shortened just for her) and JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT strutted their stuff.

On the black carpet, total Armani fan CHRISTIAN SLATER got Ford to sign a whip-wielding Indiana Jones head shot!

Mates Who Match — Look Who's Coupled Up in Armani
"I wear whatever I think everybody else [will] , so I won't stick out," Ford (with CALISTA FLOCKHART) told Us.
CHARLIE SHEEN and DENISE RICHARDS wore custom-made Armani when they tied the knot last June.
MICHELLE PFEIFFER (with producer-husband DAVID E. KELLEY) humbly thanked Armani for "my own limited fashion sense."

Curb Your Enthusiasm star and Emmy nominee CHERYL HINES showed off her Giorgio Armani handbag. ($775; 310-271-5555)

By Kevin O'Leary with reporting by Sharon Knolle