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LA Daily News: Spywitness

By Sharon Knolle

July 30, 2004 -- DELAY OF GAME: Andy Dick is pretty busy with his new MTV show "The Assistant," but that isn't slowing down his party boy ways.

He arrived (with an assistant or three) at the Xbox Live Madden NFL 2005 launch party Wednesday night at around 11 p.m. The party officially started at 8.

Confused by the empty red carpet arrivals area, he asked the still-waiting-around photographers outside, "Where is everyone? Am I too late?"

But he wasn't too late, or even the last to arrive. Vince Vaughn turned up even later to the low-key bash at Shelter on Sunset. But he wasn't talking to press, no siree.

Neither were Danny Masterson or Nicole Richie. She posed for a few enthusiastic photos, playing the game, but spying eyes say she spent most of her party time making out with her DJ boyfriend in the DJ booth. The Strokes were there. So were Muhammad Ali and "Boston Public's" Courtney Peldon.

Strangely, few folks really wanted to chat about the new ultra-realistic football video game that brought them out so late on a Wednesday night.

"I'm just here for the gift bag," admitted Dick as he left. Of the studded leather collar around his neck, he explained, "I was wearing a tie, but someone gave this to me, so I put it on."

What, no leash?

Also scoring a gift bag with lots of cool Xbox games: Shane West, who tried to be low-key in a hooded sweat shirt. Asked about the new game, he confessed, "I'm more of a PlayStation guy," as he cooled his heels waiting for the valet to bring his car. We knew that.

JULY 25, 2004 -- STAR-POWER BROWNOUT: You couldn't call it a star-studded bash Wednesday night for Andy Dick's new MTV mock "The Apprentice" show called "The Assistant." Who was there? Kato Kaelin, Hugh Hefner and some midgets (seriously). Not exactly A-list material.

Dick revealed his Donald Trump-esque "Assistant" catch-phrase: "You're clipped! But you need the fuh-fuh-fuh sound effect," he said, breathing into a reporter's ear.