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LA Daily News: Spywitness

By Sharon Knolle


"I think it's scary, because this could happen," Denzel Washington said of the brainwashing/assassination conspiracies in his new political thriller, "The Manchurian Candidate" Thursday night.

"You heard me?" he said, with a huge laugh. "Be afraid. Be very afraid!" "I think it's the perfect time for this movie," he said of the premiere's proximity to the Democratic convention. "It's a time when people are thinking about (politics) and I think is the type of film that will stimulate more thought, conversations and arguments. I think that's good! I think that's healthy."

It sure got folks at the Academy of Arts and Sciences talking, including Angela Bassett, Cedric the Entertainer, Farrah Fawcett, Frank Sinatra Jr., Jamie Foxx, Jeff Goldblum, Jodi Foster, Meryl Streep, Nancy Sinatra and sister Tina, attorney Robert Shapiro (remember him?), Rosario Dawson, Stephen King and Winona Ryder.

Co-star Miguel Ferrer has his own favorite conspiracy theories,"Oswald is great, the Masons are good, but my favorite has to be Roswell. Alien species from other planets. Pretty cool."

"Ocean's 11's" Don Cheadle countered; "I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories, I subscribe to People and Vogue."