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LA Daily News: Spywitness

By Sharon Knolle

July 2, 2004 - Think it's easy making a retro '70s film? Think again.

Christina Applegate absolutely "hated" the groovy fake mustache her "Anchorman" co-star Will Ferrell wore. "It was very prickly," she said, wrinkling her cute perky nose. " I look forward to making out with him without one."

Even Fred Willard, who's made a career out of wearing dorky duds, complained about the '70s fashion flashbacks at the film's Monday night premiere.

"It was awful! It's one of those movies where you don't try to steal any of the wardrobe."

He did, however, recycle bits of his own closet.

"I brought in some of my old wide ties from the '70s!" Willard confessed. "The wardrobe lady loved them. But I made sure to get them back. Who knows, maybe they'll come back in again, thanks to this movie, and if so, I apologize!"

Apology accepted.

Paul Rudd never warmed to the cool threads he sports in the film. "There's nothing like wearing a polyester suit in 97 degree weather."

But Ferrell's co-stars and pals including Lance Bass, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, Julianna Margulies, Jack Black and Constance Marie ("The George Lopez Show") agreed that working with Ferrell is always worth wearing, and watching, bad fashions.

"Will Ferrell is a genius," Marie said. "After I saw "Old School," I was totally addicted to him." She wasn't the only one. "Old School" shouts such as "Frank the Tank'" and "We're going streaking," were heard as the lights went down in the theater.

And while we're talking about old clothes, it's worth noting that Jack Black was wearing his politically active "Vote Kerry" T-shirt AGAIN at the disco-themed after party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

By our count, that's the third time - counting the Women in Film awards and the "Before Sunset" premiere - he's worn it in the last two weeks.

Wonder if he has several of them. Hope so or that T-shirt is definitely gonna wear out by November!

PLUS FUSS: "It was so blown out of proportion," Marissa Jaret Winokur said of that nasty snub she received at a snooty Rodeo Drive shop in Beverly Hills.

Long story short, she was searching for a gown for the Tony Awards and the sales clerk clearly didn't recognize the Broadway babe and made a snide crack about Winokur's dress size.

But at Wednesday night's New Line champagne bash at Sigerson Morrison, a trendy L.A. shoe store, Winokur admitted she hasn't gone back for more abuse.

"My boyfriend had to go return something on Rodeo Drive and I was like, 'I'm not getting out of the car!' I actually had a panic attack! I was thinking, 'What if they're mean to me?'"

The perky plus-size performer is recognized all over New York, thanks to her award-winning role in "Hairspray." "I was just shopping on Fifth Avenue at Henri Bendel's and Bergdorf Goodman's and they were like, 'Whatever you need!'"

Clad in Elie Tahari, Winokur gushed about buying Tahari's entire line at a Palm Springs outlet. "Half my wardrobe is Tahari now. I don't even know if it's (the designer) a man or a woman! I literally bought everything. But it was a great deal!"

And great service. "I always get recognized at outlet stores!" says Winokur. "That and Disneyland. Those are my demographics! They've all seen 'Beautiful Girl' (the Disney Channel movie)!"

Winokur is psyched about her new self-penned movie project, "Always a Bridesmaid," at New Line. "I'm like Judy Garland in her MGM period. The poster will be me in an awful bridesmaid's dress, looking up at a hot guy! What woman wouldn't go see that? I think people are willing to see someone normal like me, not Renee Zellweger gaining 20 pounds."

KITTIES AND BRITS: "I had a dream about Jude Law last night," "The Birds" star Tippi Hedren confessed over tea and crumpets at the Los Angeles British American Film and Television Association's annual Garden Party at the British Consulate's posh Hancock Park estate.

"And the night before, I dreamt about Sean Connery," Hedren added. "What do you think it means?"

Alfred Hitchcock might make something of it, were he still around. But dreaming about cinema sex symbols sounds pretty normal. Especially when they're your past and present co-stars.

Who can forget Hedren's erotic pairing with a young Connery in Hitchcock's classic romantic thriller "Marnie"? And she'll next appear with the luscious Law in the comedy "I Heart Huckabee's."

These days the actress only works to fund her big-cat reserve, Shambala. Naturally, she has strong opinions on "Two Brothers," a new film about two adorable orphaned tiger cubs.

"They went according to the book it was based on," she said. "But they should have studied tiger behavior because much of it is very, very wrong. It's a lovely fairy tale, but it's giving a lot of wrong impressions."

She particularly objected to the little boy living with a tiger as if it were a kitten. "Those of us who are involved in giving sanctuary to these animals are afraid there's going to be a rush on people wanting tiger cubs, which is not responsible," she said.

With all her experience, even Hedren can't always tackle tiny tigers. She recently had a short-lived stint with a rowdy 2-month-old female cub.

"I brought her into my home because it was winter and she had pneumonia. Well, I'd open the sliding door and she'd attack me! I had to wear my high western boots, a big thick jacket and gloves. And I had to go to the chiropractor constantly!"

"I'm not a young woman anymore," Hedren admits. "When I first started all this (her big-cat sanctuary), I was a lot tougher."